Smart Glass: Energy saving with heat-reflecting films, privacy and light control, comfort and technological innovation: your glass can do much more.


We have built strong partnerships with technology leaders who have been innovating the polarizer industry for over 25 years. We offer our customers the best optical and energy performance currently on the market. We do this with the only switch film awarded with Excellence Award. Our goal is to offer smart glass and smart film with transparency comparable to that of glass itself. If you don't want to compromise but want smart glass with the highest transparency and a wide viewing angle. If you want to apply our smart film privacy films to existing glass. Contact us and we will develop your innovative project with you.

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Our Smart Products

Smart Glass PDLC

Privacy Smart Glass

We provide the highest performance standard in low-voltage switchable glass. Thanks to the highest quality materials and continuous innovation, our PDLC films not only offer privacy on demand, but they also become indispensable tools for energy saving thanks to heat reduction, UV blocking and a lifespan of over 10 years.

Smart Glass SPD

Heat Control Smart Glass

One of the heat control solutions is given by SPD glass. Thanks to this particular technology, the glass is able to adapt its transparency to light and heat conditions. All this reduces the electricity consumption of the air conditioning system. The transition from transparent to dark tint is electrically controlled and can be automated.

Solar Control Films

Heat Control and Photochromic Films

We sell and install adhesive heat-control films, from classic mirrored to photochromic, with variable capacity to reduce heat and UV rays, as well as coloration. Thanks to our ten-year experience in the sector, we offer personalized consulting in order to propose the best product for you, also with installation at your home and at businesses.


Smartglassify markets and installs a wide range of technological products and electronic films, for privacy, energy saving and advertising, such as the new LED holographic films. We serve private clients, companies, designers and retailers.

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